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GradUit Thrivers

Through years of personal and professional development working with my mentor, Melanie P Hayden, I know the value of focused growth.

Walking the walk, and talking the talk has opened many opportunities in business and in my personal life. As a result I have a passion to share this knowledge, bridging the gap between youths and seniors, creating strong relationships and connecting communities.

Within GradUit Thrivers, we offer a collaborative learning community for women in business. 

Having a community of like-minded individuals who encourage and support you is key to your success in all areas of your life.

The 4 Cs For Success strategy along with the Positive Attitude Zone philosophy are sure to keep you motivated to achieve your goals while creating a life where you reach your greatest potential.

Penny Lee Prevost

I tell people I was fat & frumpy at 50 with a strong desire to get fit.  At GraduIt I created an affirmation that “I get paid to exercise” because I knew if I got paid I would show up!  I LOVE to dance, so when I found Nia within two weeks I was on a journey to get White Belt. this  Intensive training was 5 years ago. 

Today I teach online classes as well as in person classes in my community. I have been seen doing Backyard dance parties when the weather is nice. 

Moving your body to music is a fun and exciting experience. Science has proven that this helps you absorb and maintain any new knowledge when you combine this habit/practice with learning!  As the Dancing Motivator I incorporate this experience at workshops and conferences as an added benefit for attendees.

Wedding Officiant

I absolutely LOVE connecting people! When it’s a connection of love, I believe I can help people nurture their relationships for a long-term commitment. Wedding ceremonies and vows should reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. I encourage and support original ideas, believing that celebrating your love in your own special way should capture the essence of your love. 

Whether you want an English or French ceremony, traditional or contemporary, I help make your day a truly magical experience. Your wedding will be unique to you, your lifestyle, personalized to your complete satisfaction.

I am a licensed clergy through All Seasons Weddings.

Friends friday fun podcast

Enjoy fun and amusing ways to nurture relationships with insights on improving vision for a brighter future, expanding value with gained wisdom and increased vitality through legacy living. Live your Best Life NOW!

getting grounded

Creating Consciousness 
for a better life

Mother Earth is a rich resource available to each of us every day. Becoming aware of what is around us, bringing gratitude into our lives, showing appreciation for what is available to us, these are the steps that we can take to reach our greatest potential.

Creating a positive community that supports and encourages each other begins with one relationship.  The relationship with ourselves. For when we know who we are, love ourselves as we are and open ourselves to continual growth we can share with others. Building relationships, modelling for our children how we can care for one another, this is how we build a better world.

My passion is to bridge the gap between youth and seniors. For seniors hold great wisdom that can provide great riches that can't be found on Google!

Building relationships - helping others to obtain skills and strategies to help them achieve amazing life-changing relationships is something that comes natural to me - this is who I am.